God Shall be with You


Genesis 48

  • This will be a challenging year, already thru just February 2019: death, emergency room, pain in the body
  • Do you know to trust God
  • Christians and churches led the civil rights movement
  • If you think you dont need Jesus then wait a while
  • Joseph, son of Jacob (Israel) reflects the trials of today: betrayed, government turned his back, discrimination
  • Know who Christ Jesus is
  • Marriage: what God put together let not man put asunder
  • You are not somebody else but the exception, God’s child
  • Potiphar told Joseph to lay with her but Joseph did not would not dishonor himself or her
  • Expect lies on you when serve God but it means they thinking about you anyway
  • Do not give in to sin
  • Joseph married an African woman
  • Ephraim and Mannessah children of Joseph and two of the 12 tribes of Israel (Jacob)
  • Refute claims – Chrisianity is not only for certain races
  • Ephraim and Manessah are two of the better prospered and recognized nations
  • Racial inequality: judge sentence different for powder vs crack cocaine convicts; police involved shooting more likely fatal for blacks than other groups
  • Only God speaks for me when it comes to righteousness
  • Trust God for family, school, decisions
  • The good you do God sees, it’s to help someone else and he is there for you
  • Doctor will write you off, but Jesus is already there for you, you are not alone
  • You can always call on Jesus not matter how bleak the situation is
  • Keep your hands in God’s hands, stay with God