Do you know who you are

Contributions of blacks are present in the Bible

  • Ephraim and Manasseh are born of an Egyptian, African mother
  • God is not racist and did not create racism
  • Acts 2 Gods Holy Spirit was poured out on all nations that were present
  • African nations were present when the Holy Spirit filled the believers
  • Niger and Simeon
  • Niger means black and represents African nation
  • Others have made some to feel bad about being called black
  • Etymology and latinization of the word Niger, meaning black, came to be a derogatory term
  • Nigers were aristocrats and northern, not southern blacks
  • Meant as a tern & an attachment to Africa and the homeland/motherland
  • Dont know who you are and people will make you feel bad
  • Simeon was from Niger
  • Belief in evolution means you are racist
  • Darwin, Carl Lineus were racist
  • Can you appreciate what God has given to you?
  • Do you know who you are in Christ Jesus
  • All are one in Christ Jesus
  • God’s word does not discriminate

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