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Evangelizing Abidjan, Ivory Coast
December 2012

Praise the Heavenly Father through His Son Christ Jesus. I arrived safely in the Ivory Coast. Currently the blog is not working therefore please feel free to share the email information.

My plane was delayed and therefore I reached my destination late. Pastor Frederick said that many people left and had given up on someone from America coming to a place that is still recovering from a war. But, Pastor Frederick insisted that I had given my word and that I would be there.

Not only was the plane late, but it also took a long time for my bag to be retrieved. It can sometimes be a little daunting when you are in a country that speaks a different language and you do not speak that language. Ivory Coast is a predominantly French speaking country, therefore I had to smile and nod a lot because I did not understand what was being said. This included going through customs and retrieving my bad. The people are friendly.

You could tell that the country was going through hard times. It was very difficult navigating the roads. Even though had suffered a terrible war, people, young ladies were walking the streets at night unaided. The country is a lot like what I saw in Philippines. Old run down buildings next to beautiful building. The hotel that I am staying is five-star quality, but around it the other buildings look weathered.

Many of the people had been at the church since 6:00 pm waiting on me, but I did not arrive until well after 9:00 pm. For the ones that remained I preached out of the John 13 where it speaks about Judas betraying Jesus our Lord and Christ telling the remaining disciples that He had chosen them. Many were inspired by the message and told others that I would be back at the church tonight. Many of the people living around the church are Muslims.

Pastor Frederick and his wife gave me their testimony of how they came to salvation in Christ Jesus. Pastor Frederick parents worshipped idols, but at an early age he had dreams that he would pastor. He did not understand what it meant while he was young because his parents were not Christians. It was only after he was married to his wife that she confirmed what God had been telling him as a young child.

His wife in coming to Christ Jesus had a different experience.

"When she awoke from the dream she was healed and God had given her a ministry of healing."

She recounts that an angel appeared in her room while a little girl but she was frightened and screamed when the light filled the room of an angelic like being. It was later on life that she was sick and her caregivers had given her up to die. She was raised as an orphan. She did not really know God but knew of God. When told she was going to die she went on a 10 day fast. During the fast she heard a voice speak to her in her dream. She asked who is this speaking to me. The Voice said it is Jehovah and you shall not die but live and preach my word. In her dream she was bound but God set her free and she was able to run through three gates without the aid of men.
When she awoke from the dream she was healed and God had given her a ministry of healing.

Church services start at 6:00 tonight and there will be a teaching conference tomorrow. It is truly wonderful how God knits His brothers and sisters together from every nation in the world.

In the service of Christ Jesus, the Son of the Living God,

Pastor Sylvester Williams