Just Live by Faith

Romans 1

  • Paul was not ashamed or intimidated of his relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Blasphemous movie to portray disciples as homosexual… don’t go watch that movie because it’s wrong
  • Are you more interested in fame or fortune or Christ Jesus
  • Take a stand, it may be uncomfortable, but watch God open doors for you
  • No matter how dark when the light is on it affects everyone in the room
  • Only the strong survive… take a stand for God
  • Live by faith
  • Ever been to a place where you can’t talk about God?
  • Never a time in your life to put God out of your mind
  • Faith to live righteous life
  • Filled means to overflow no more room if filled with unrighteousness


Luke 2

Where is the peace?

  • Christ did not come for peace but with a sword
  • Lk 12 Christ came to bring division to the world not peace
  • Nation against nation and border walls
  • Revelation 6:4 angel takes peace from the earth
  • Bad place to live based on absence of peace: Chicago, New York, Raleigh, Durham
  • Has mayhem broken loose in your life, like in the movie The Purge
  • Colossians 1:20 made thru blood cross
  • Peace returns to you… negativity comes from within… if you want peace look within
  • Deal with negativity by doing good
  • Can any good thing come out of Durham?
  • Faith made the woman with the issue of blood made whole and she was told to go in peace
  • Faith in God gives peace
  • By his stripes we are healed and fever broken, blood pressure lowered
  • Faith that things are alright even with the bad report from the doctor
  • Simian belief in the word of God allowed him to have peace until he saw the Messiah born
  • Faith and Word of God are two ways to have peace on earth
  • John 14:27 let not your heart be troubled or afraid
  • Peace even in death
  • Try Jesus and he will give peace
  • Tribulation in the world but in Christ there is peace

The Assembly at Durham Christian Center