Use Your Weapon

2 Corinthians 10:3

  • Order to quarantine
  • COVID-19 unseen, unknown enemy (virus)
  • Fighting enemy we cannot see


  • Walk in it but believer does not fight in flesh
  • War – use calling, gift from God
  • Issues , challenges is time to ask God what have you called me to do?
  • War not after flesh but after the Spirit
  • Fight by understanding gifts
  • Stronghold is one to a few things that you struggle with
  • Weapons are mighty to pull down strongholds
  • Vain imagination fast it down and every thought against God
  • You can stop sin… Repent from lying, fornication,
  • Take control of your mind
  • Obey God and He restores order,
  • Warring lion is the devil seems to separate you from your destiny in Christ Jesus
  • Be sober minded, vigilant

2 Corinthians 4:8

  • Trouble comes have hope
  • Persecuted, not forsaken
  • Worldly weapons unsuccessful in spiritual battles
  • Pea 139:13-14
  • Is God on your mind
  • You are wonderfully made
  • Search me God and know my heart, thoughts
  • Pray for your mind and body and soul
  • Face your strongholds don’t hid or run
  • Fast, pray, search scripture to deal with it
  • Glory in infirmity as this is when to lean more on God

Have You Believed

Luke 20

  • Jesus Christ is real, not a myth
  • Jesus raised from the dead and no one had to pray that he be risen from the dead
  • Facts given for us to believe what God all
  • Stand even when you are opposed
  • Christ died for your sins
  • Prophecy as many as 400 years before Christ was born

2 Corinthians 15:2

  • Christ died for our sins
  • Sinners need Savior Christ Jesus
  • Eyewitness accounts in 66 books in Bible

Extra Biblical sources

  • Tacitus
  • Pliny the younger
  • Pseutonius
  • King makes law and is absolute authority
  • Are you a slave to Jesus Christ
  • Godly will suffer persecution
  • Don’t let potential suffering binder your belief
  • Stand on word of God regardless of how it makes you feel

What does it take

  • Healing, miracles
  • Live like you believe in resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Faith based on facts
  • Christians are christlike and can expect to suffer like Christ did