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ChIraq (Genesis 4:1-12)

Dr. Sylvester Williams, May 17, 2015

Gen 4
Cain slew Abel because he dehumanized his brother

Certain communities become outraged when murder occurs INTERracially, but does any one care when murder is INTRAracially?

God requires us to love all our brothers (and sisters) regardless of color, economic status, religion, or anything that would seek to divide us.

Your countenance can fall like Cain's if you are not willing do your best for God. If you only do enough to get by then you can't be mad at God for blessing your poor effort. You have to be diligent and obedient to God.

God loves you enough that even when you disobey and mess up, he will put his mark upon you so that no one else will bother or avenge for your sins.

Sin lieth at the door. When you don't obey God then sin will "bear hug" you as soon as you open the door.

When you obey and do you best for God sin is your door mat to be stepped on and over.


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