Who Do You Believe

God vs government

  • Hippocratic oath
  • Health and hygiene related since Bible says
  • Serpent wrapped around staff
  • Imotep closely similar to Joseph, Son of Jacob (Israel)
  • Fear from prior sickness (bird, swine flu) causing fear now
  • Last flu came after attack on churches in Spain in 1918
  • China now persecuting Christians church also source of current pandemic COVID-19

Numbers 21:4

  • God sent serpents due to complaining after freedom from Egypt
  • Serpent wrapped on pole healed Hebrews bitten by snake
  • God in the midst there is healing
  • James 5:15 call for elders, anoint with oil, prayer for healing
  • Forsake not the assembling of saints for church

What is it worth

  • Risk life,
  • Is God over the house
  • God protects His house
  • Members of body of Christ Jesus


  • Disobedience leads to sickness to get your attention
  • Obedience into potential death like Hebrew boys in fiery furnace
  • Whether God delivers or not he is able, be obedient

Who you believe

  • God or doctor
  • Mother in hospice care had vital signs for oxygen, O2, able to return home
  • Knowing God makes you realize your natural life is not important
  • Spiritual life, eternal life most important
  • Has the pandemic got your attention, look to Christ Jesus for your healing
  • Joh 3:14 KJV And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: