Strength in Unity

Gen 11

February is Black History month
Some say that Bible came from same people that wrongly enslaved Africans
Look different some think that those differences keep us from working together
Kingdom divided cannot stand
Too much division in body of Christ and the devil is watching
Shem, Ham, Japheth had same parents although progenitors of Semitic, African, and European nations
Race does not exist color does not make you different
Children are born to parents regardless of color meaning they are the same … One people
Good intentions outside God’s Word is still wrong
Racism, segregation, KKK, Black Hebrews,
Better to have faith \ facts vs having religion
Differences vanish when in God’s word and will
Acts 2
God’s spirit poured out among all nations
God brings man, people back together
One in Christ Jesus
No Jews, Greek, bond, or free
Christ Jesus
Beaten, mocked, called Bealzebub
Live godly you will suffer persecution
Harriet Tubman turned to faith in Jesus to do what she did to unite people
Acts 26
One blood all nations (ethnic, ethnicity)
Siblings know how to push buttons, but in Christ recognize have the same Heavenly Father
Matthew 26
Preach to all the nations
International ministry people come to hear a sermon about unity, love, salvation of God
People want to come to the church
Power of Christ
Be free from bondage
Romans 8:16
Father chastise a child
Know who you are in God, and recognize your siblings in Christ and be united
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