Isaiah 12
Feast of Tabernacle

• Understand your relationship with God

• 8 day feast
• Closet feast that matches timing for birth of Jesus Christ
• “Merry Christmas”
• One of three feasts all males observed (Passover, Pentecost)
Happiness based and depends on external things
Joy comes from within
• Word you say is self fulfilling
• What are you saying to yourself
• Confess and profess things that bring joy in your life

James 1:2
• Joy in divers temptation
• Rely on and in God
• God inside you is greater than anything and everything outside you

Jeremiah 10
• Joy of the Lord is my strength

Psalm 3:5
• Weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning

Psalm 51:12
• Restore the joy if my salvation

John 4
• Woman the well
• Jesus Christ is everlasting life and living water
• Joy if you ask and receive living water

John 7
• If thirsty drink of the water of Jesus
• From your belly will flow living water

John 16:13
• Guide to all truths and things to come

Joy can be full by asking God in Jesus’s name

Words you speak will and can change your life around

Joy from God NOT based on what others say or think but what you have asked of God