Who Do You Trust

Mark 10

Trust to persuade or have confidence

  1. USA put “in God We Trust” on coins and dollar bill because wanted to show USA was not a heathen nation
  2. What do you believe in: spouse, government, savings, house, car, friends, promiscuous?
  3. Can you trust God when, if you don’t know God?
  4. OT trust less about money and more about safety and security
  5. Dont let riches keep you from heaven like the rich young ruler
  6. 2 Samuel 2:22 God is your protection not money, technology, braking, guns, home security
  7. What do you turn to when things are taken from you?
  8. Job 13:15 though he slay me yet will I trust him
  9. Ps 49:6-7 your wealth cannot ransom you in death when you stand before God
  10. Mark 10:24 hard for them with riches to enter the kingdom of God
  11. Riches on earth are uncertain
  12. Serving God gives us richly all things on earth
  13. Be persuaded by what you see, hear, and do

Just Live by Faith

Romans 1

  • Paul was not ashamed or intimidated of his relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Blasphemous movie to portray disciples as homosexual… don’t go watch that movie because it’s wrong
  • Are you more interested in fame or fortune or Christ Jesus
  • Take a stand, it may be uncomfortable, but watch God open doors for you
  • No matter how dark when the light is on it affects everyone in the room
  • Only the strong survive… take a stand for God
  • Live by faith
  • Ever been to a place where you can’t talk about God?
  • Never a time in your life to put God out of your mind
  • Faith to live righteous life
  • Filled means to overflow no more room if filled with unrighteousness