Happy Hanukkah


1 Cor 6


  • Night is a natural thing to help us understand the Spiritual
  • If light of Jesus not in you you are in darkness
  • Grace… don’t sin that grace abound more
  • 1 Cor 6 believer judges the world… keep righteousness within to judge
  • A believer should not sin because of the light in you
  • Don’t be cool… be a light… not what man says but the truth of God’s word
  • Don’t let somebody tell you who you are… you know who you are because of the light / Jesus inside
  • In UK cannot be foster parent if against homosexuality and transgender an example of darkness around us
  • You are what you eat.. watching TV can erode your light in Christ
  • Stop, leave alone drugs and alcohol and find who you are in God
  • “As such were some of you”
  • The truth of God word makes you free
  • V17 join to the Lord
  • Don’t be bamboozled and not discuss sex, sexuality, and sexual issues
  • The light of God in you makes you different from others
  • The godly may suffer persecution and challenges
  • Rededication

  • Hannukah is rededication because you had been defiled and ask God yo come in to your mind heart
  • Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
  • If your have the light help someone else
  • Done believe the lies of the world

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