Obedience by the Power of God

Rom 15:16-18

The following are in the news, are taking place:

Elections disappointed and excitement

Night club murder and suicide

August 2018 Holy Fire and destruction of life

New fire has lost Paradise

Things are happening in the world

Paul writing of the things wrought in Paul of Christ Jesus

  • Mighty signs and wonders
  • Acts 16:18
  • Acts 19:11 demons come out, healed
  • Acts 20:12 raised boy from the dead
  • Acts 28:5 Viper bit Paul’s hand
  • Acts 28:8 healing of the body of a man

Obedience to the Holy Spirit gave Paul power

When the world around you doesn’t know God then thru obedience to the Holy Spirit gives us power

Christianity is not a white man or any races religion

1st Christian nation occurred under King Ezzana

Race is a way the devil brings division

Your choice to stay or walk away from obedience to God when miracles, healing, restoration take place

Gentiles made obedient by the Word of God and by deed (miracles signs and wonders)

As a believer you should see miracles in your life if not check yourself

Mark 16:17 signs follow them that believe

Things in life are a testimony of the power of God

Do you know God is a healer and deliverer

Mark 18 lay hands on the sick, drink any deadly thing without harm,

Don’t be wishy washy Christian

Give the Word and then conform the Word

The gospel of Christ Jesus has no political agenda or affiliation

Some doubt without demonstration of Holy Spirit

Acts 2:42, 43 continue in the doctrine of the apostles of Christ Jesus, fear upon every soul

Demons tremble at the name of Jesus Christ

Don’t let your self limit what God can do don’t limit the power of God

There are Biblical answers for everything

Matt 12:39 evil and adulterous generation seek after a sign,

If you already have and know God you are seeking after God and not the only the signs, miracles, wisdom

1Cor 12:10 miracles prophecy tongues, interpretations of tongues

God in you greater than the world against

Let the world see the greatness of God in you

Have faith to believe

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