War of Religion

War of Religion on GodTube.

• James 5:
○ Don’t seek for riches and forget that your brother / sister is somebody in the sight of God
○ Don’t put your faith in your security system but put your trust in God who can watch, and keep you even when you slumber and sleep
• Mt 5:39; 44 – turn the other cheek; love your enemy
○ France magazine published all is forgiven article regarding murderous act
○ Battle not yours but the Lord’s
○ Peter understood and was willing to give it all; not crucified in the same manner as Christ Jesus because Peter did not feel that he was worthy to be killed the same way as Christ
○ Know your weakness, ask the Lord to increase your faith, that you know what is in your heart
• Rev 13:5 – 7
○ Made war and power to overcome the saints
○ Saints being killed by ISIS, Boko Haram, in Nigeria for simply being Christian and confessing / professing the name of God
○ God has already planned out plan for the world and places man in offices
○ During war know and remain on the Lord’s side, don’t get caught up in taking sides
• Col 1:12-16
○ Only one true God, all others are demons, creations of God and therefore inferior to God and cannot war against God
○ God created both good and evil
• 1 Cor 15:20
○ Jesus rules over all enemies including the last which is die
○ Believers in Christ don’t die because we are in Him and he has overcome the world and death