International Trip To India and Philippines

Pastor Sylvester Williams and Pastor KLP Moses

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  1. Trip:

    Started the morning at 4:00am to catch 6:00am flight to JFK. I prayed blessings upon my wife, children and grandchildren before leaving. Only 12 on 6:00am flight to JFK. Flight attendants made comment on the scarcity of fliers.

    Emirarates Airlines flight is from terminal four. I arrived at terminal eight. This required a lot of walking with me carrying my single piece of luggage that I discovered did not have a handle for rolling once I arrived in New York. My baggage which was acceptable in RDU, weighed to much at Emirates Airlines. My luggage was separated from me until I reach the next leg of my trip in Dubai. I was able to retrieve my laptop that my son installed Skype. One of the dissapointments is the airports do not have free WiFi. I purchased a global WiFi plan that works at over ’250,000′ locations. The laptop battery which I charged before leaving began to show how defective it is. Before i could set up my Skype connection, over 2/3′s of the power was diminished. The charger for the laptop was left in the one bag I brought for the flight. I sent an email to family, but that was it.

    I was able to call Barbara from the plane’s phone while in flight. I not sure of the cost for the calls (found out later that the charge is $5 a minute!!). Diya will try to turn my cell phone on and give me global coverage.

    Politics is universal. No Chrisrian or religious music on list of choices from the planes entertainment source. A movie about Valerie Plame Wilson and the deception behind the weapons of mass destruction leading up to the Iraq war.

    I have three seats to myself, which means i can stretch and read Online Bible, watch videos, listen to music on my mp3 player or catch up on sleep.

    All things work together for the good to those that love Christ Jesus. Dubai has a duty free shop which allowed me to buy a netpad for $333. This takes the place of my old computer that would not hold a charge and to buy a new battery would have cost over $100.

    From the plane you could see human ingenuity with the way the country is developed around the sea. The looks pretty sandy but the people appear cordial. Over 100 nationalities call Dubai home which makes it one of the leading tourist nation in the world. The civil unrest seen in other Middle Eastern countries has not manifested here. However, there is a block on the use of Skype. This somewhat changes my mode of communication while here. It was the internet that precipitated the uprising in Eqypt so I think they are proactive here in Dubai to prevent the same thing from happening.

    God through His Son Christ Jesus has truly been very good. This flight is about 13 hours to Dubai.

  2. Today I attended the Pastor’s conference, with over a hundred in attendance. (As I am typing a lizard just droped in.) The morning’s word was church order. I dileneated the differing roles in the church and the need for the different roles. The afternoon session dealt with questions the attendees had. It was a very good exchange as we delved deep into the Bible showing that it truly is the Word of God with irrefuteable evidence. Tonight I am off for the first night of the crusade.

    There truly is a tremendous need for the Gospel and finances here. Even though there are parts of India prospering, there is still severe poverty. The people were willing to wait long periods of time for transportation money home. The 100 ruppees given to them equates to about 2 dollars.

    The whole in the floor for the toilet is still prevalent, even though one place that we visited had the automatic flush toilets. The people are very hospital and truly thankful for my having come.

    In the service of Christ Jesus, the Son of the Living God,

  3. Tonight we preached on knowing Jesus is to know miracles. We got a confirmation of the miraclous that the Heavenly Father will do through the name of His Son Christ Jesus our Lord. While at the service during the power to the whole place went out. I started praying for the power to be resumed so the enemy would not thwart the plans of God here in India. It was so wonderful to hear so many people of God sing praises to God in the dark, they too showing their faith. No one panicked and the power came back on. During the sermon I recounted that Christ Jesus whole life on earth and after His resurrection were predicated on miracles. His birth was a miracle. Turning water into wine, feeding the five thousand, raising Lazarus from the dead, healing the ten lepers, healing the woman with the issue of blood, giving sight to a man born blind were some of the examples of His miraclous healing power. As a matter of fact the Bible says there are not enough books to contain all the wonders and miracles that Christ Jesus our Lord performed. For those that do not believe in miracles, they do not believe in Christ Jesus because His life was about miracles. The one miracle that topped them all was His resurrection from the dead.

    Through Christ’s resurrection, we inherited the ability to see miracles in our lives. The Apostles, the first believers, saw people raised from the dead, the lame walk, demons cast out of people. Today we should see the same miracles because the Bible says that God does not change. To all the cessasionists this may be a disappointment.

    Once I had a chance to prove the miracle of God. From all the travel and eating different foods I felt my stomach bubbling. Was this the dreaded Montezuma revenge. How was I to speak healing and miracles to people if I am in the bathroom. I prayed in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord and I did not have any more problems.

    Thank God that I did not because we prayed for people that was lame, growth on neck, wombs to be opened. One man instantly gave testimony of the healing of his leg. A lady testified that she saw a supernatural light over the place of the service as I prayed.

    We are expecting greater things as continue to preach the Name of Christ Jesus our Lord, the Son of the Living God that was crucified for our sins.

    Everyone thanks for all the prayers. It is much appreciated.

    Last night was the graduation services for Sharon Bible College. I was dressed in my cap and gown as i passed out diplomas to the graduates.

    On today we broke ground at two locations for churches to be built. The churches being built are through the contributions of The Assembly At Durham Christian Center. Pastor Moses wants me to return for the ribbon cutting ceremonies when the facilities are built. He also wants my name on the cornerstone for each building.

  4. Yesterday evening, the last night of the crusade in India, I received a wonderful blessing. People stood up to testify to their healing or miracle from the night before. The sermon was taken from Jeremiah 29:11. The theme, “God has you on His mind.” Many people live life based on what they can do or what others tell them. Few live their lives based on what God’s thoughts are for them to give them an expected end as stated in Jeremiah 29:11. Many people came up for prayer for healings of deaf ears, fevers, inability to walk properly, pregnancy and many other wonderful things believing God to heal them. We have already seen the testimonies of what God will do and since I am leaving I will wait to hear word of other great miracles He has done in India.

    How true it was last night for me. I have traveled around the world preaching and teaching the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Never once have I gone overseas to receive an offering, but to be a blessing to the Body of Christ with the wisdom and knowledge God through His Son Christ Jesus has given to me. Last night the obedience to the Word of God to go into all the World and preach the Gospel was affirmed that God is watching over my life. Without me knowing what was going to happen, I had the Honorary Doctorate Degree conferred upon me. This means I can now be referred to as Dr. Sylvester Williams. The Bible states that your gift will make room for you and bring yoiu before great men. The Word of God is truly true. God truly is doing great things and I truly acknowledge His power in the earth through His Son Christ Jesus our Lord.

    I am heading to the airport now to prepare for the next leg of the trip in the Philippines. I had a wonderful young boy named Joseph, 12 years old, pray a wonderful prayer for my safe journey. He is from the children’s home where either they were abandoned, left without parents due to the psunami that hit India a few years back, or just in need of shelter. How wonderful to know that he would pray for me with a smile on his face with all that he and the other children in the home have been through. Continue to pray for the move of God worldwide as God shows himself strong throughout the countries.

  5. God bless you Dr. Williams, you are truly a man that is about Gods’ business. We will pray without ceasing for you, your family, and other the Christian Disciples that are on mission with you. My God bless, protect, exalt, and use you all for His good pleasure.

    Your brother in Christ, Overseer Ratcliff

  6. I am so honored to know a man with such great Faith, and discpline in the word. I Pray for your safe travels and the work that you are doing and the many people whose lives you have touched and continue to touch. What a Blessing this is, to witness so many miracles happening, and knowing that with God all things are possible if we just beleive. God Bless you and continue to use you in Jesus Name.

  7. Sylvester,

    God is using you to spread His good word and so wonderful to hear the good works you are involved in. God Bless you for continued success and safe travels.


  8. Hello from the Philippines,

    It has been a wonderful exchange in the Philippines. Pastor Freddie recounted how he travels 5 hours by vehicle and then travels another seven hours through the rugged jungles of Philippines to witness to the mountain people that the Philippines government do not know exist. His zeal to spread the Good News of Christ Jesus our Lord is representative of other Pastors that I have talked. to.

    One Pastor was driving to a Bible Study and was killed on the way. His way went to the morgue where he laid for 10 hours dead. The Christian school and the local churches prayed for this dead man. The Pastor said that while he was dead he could see his wife crying at the morgue and tried to touch her but could. Then he remembered the scripture in the Bible that says the body is dead without the Spirit. At the same time a person came by and wispered to the dead body, “don’t forget the Lord”. It was then he returned to his body after being dead 10 hours. You can see where his skull was distorted due to the accident.

    Another minister in the Gospel told how the doctors told him he needed an operaton on his heart because his blood pressure was 240/130. His heart was two times the size it should have been. He and his wife were also told that they needed $15,000 for the operation and $9,000 for a shot for the operation. They did not have the money. All they could do was put their faith in God. When he went back to the doctor, the doctor was amazed. He had the heart of a young person and his blood pressure was normal.

    There were countless testimonies of God’s ability to heal and deliver when people place their trust in a true and living God. There were countless witnesses that testified to the person being dead and the otther person having significant heart problems.

    With such testimonies, it made the conference. In the morning session we ministered on Standing on The Bible as God’s Word. With so much in the word trying to get us to have a world view instead of a God-centered view, it is important to learn that God’s Word does not change. Heaven and earth may pass away but not one Word of the Word of God. MIndanao, the souther part of the Philippines, where even Philippinos avoid because of the sometime religious conflicts, is where the conference is being held and the brothers and sister in the Lord are bold in their prolcamation of faith in Christ Jesus.

    The second session was on true worship. Worship is not based on music, but the invward man that has been renewed who acknowledges the graces and mercies of God through His Son Christ Jesus our Lord. We also made the distinction as to who Christ Jesus our Lord is versus who the world tries to depict Him to be. It is so good to know that Jesus is not just a prophet, He is not just a good man, He does not have any siblings, but He is truly indeed the only begotten of the Heavenly Father.

    The listeners were so encouraged to hear someone stand on the Word of God without compromise.

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