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  1. Is marriage discriminatory? The real issue for the court to decide is: “does the government have a compelling interest in limiting marriage to a man/woman union only?” The purpose of the special treatment of man/woman unions is to ensure the continuity of society. Several assumptions lie within this assertion. First, a man and a woman are the only union that can procreate and it best that those who procreate also raise the children. Adoption is not procreation and often leads to problems for the children…besides we have both federal and state laws which provide tax payer support for adoption. Second, based upon the first question, do gay unions meet the compelling interest test? How do gay unions greatly enhance American society. The fed trial judge only considered if denying gay unions was “fair” and “equal” under the 14th amend. Since the institution of marriage bestows special benefits only available to married people the court must apply the compelling interest test. The manner in which this trial judge applied the law opens up the term marriage to any and all “unions” to include polygamy and any other “union” between consenting adults. The compelling interest test is the same test applied by the courts when they allowed affirmative action to exist. I worked for a large police dept. that promoted based upon gender. Regardless of the test scores females were promoted ahead of males with higher scores. The courts decided that this was ok since past transgressions discriminated against females. Recent court decisions have placed tight restrictions on such quota systems as they cause harm to those who did not benefit from the earlier bias. The 9th Circuit could apply the proper test and rule that since the societal traditions upon which the marriage definition is based pre-date the Constitution there does exist a compelling interest to maintain the man/woman definition and that any changes to the defintion belongs with the people and thier elected representatives.

    All of life is based on God’s word. The homosexual agenda is an attack on the word of God as told to me by a state legislator. It is not an issue of discrimination. African Americans could not change their DNA, but homosexuals and lesbians can change parnters at anytime and many do. The Holy Word of God is the only writings that consistently cry out against this abhorrent lifestyle. Remove God’s Word and there is nothing to prevent this deviant lifestyle from becoming law. The same thing goes for pedophiles, polygamy and beastiality.

    Shall we follow the lead of European countries and condone such debased lifestyles. In some of these countries only 6% of marriagable couples are getting married. Debauchery and no committments are the norm for the day. This is what happens when a society does not consider the sanctity of marriage the way the Heavenly Father intended it to be.

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