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Prayer for the Nations

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Prayer Life  

Prayer for Nations Day is
September 28th, 2009

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To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Pastor Prasanna Kumar since 2001. He is a man of integrity, a
great father (of seven children) and a faithful husband. Pastor Kumar is a true
man of God equipped to do the service of the Lord. We met via email and he
invited me to preach at a crusade in India where thousands accepted the Lord
Jesus as Saviour. Since then we have kept close contact. He has since then
visited our ministry twice in the United States. During his last visit he shared
with us his vision concerning Prayer for the Nations Ministry in America. We
are very excited to assist Pastor Kumar for we know that prayer for the nations
is the key to open hearts to receive Christ Jesus.

At present Pastor Kumar is working in Bahrain among the Muslims. This is the
location where God placed upon his heart to launch the ministry 'Prayer For
The Nations'. Please join us in prayer as we pray the will of our Father in
Heaven being done through His Son Christ Jesus our Lord in the earth.

In the Master's service.

Pastor Sylvester Williams
The Assembly at Durham Christian Center.






The importance of Prayer life

Prayer means communication with God. Prayer will lead us into dependence upon God. A person
completely declared before God ďI am nothingĒ and God is supreme.
And declare without God I am nothing. Prayer involves many aspects. Prayer produces faith. A person
with faith without prayer is like a skeleton less a body. Prayer life will allows us to respond to the Cross
of Calvary and the blood Jesus shed for sinners. Prayer will lead us to confession. Prayer will lead us
to conviction. Prayer will lead us to conformation. Prayer leads us to declaration. Prayer will lead us to
make decisions of righteousness. Prayer will lead us to stand firm in Jesus. Prayer will lead us to a
victorious life.

Every person discovers that not living a victorious life is the great dissatisfaction in his or her life.
Because the Holy Spiritís direction is different and self satisfaction will never bring complete victory,
only temporary pleasure. Self satisfactions will not fulfil Godís plans in manís life. Only Godís
presence will fulfil Godís purpose in the child of Godís life.

How do you create Godís presence in your life?

Only the prayer life will invite Godís presence and Godís presence will bring an anointing. It is through
knowing God in prayer that He is able to touch manís condition and give wonderful divine revelations.

Many of Godís servants are unfit for the Lordís work because they donít have prayer life. Without prayer,
Godís servant is like a ship without a sail, not knowing Godís direction and therefore frustration and
disappointment replace victory and confidence. A mighty prayerful servant will not only be of use to God
but will also know the direction God is leading him..

What is your condition in your prayer life?

The Holy Spirit helps us in our daily problems and in our praying. For we donít know what we should
pray for, nor how to pray as we should; but the Holy Spirit prays for us with such feeling that it cannot be
expressed in words (Rom. 8:26).

In life, the inner man and outer man work together, in other words, faith without works is dead.
Through prayer life the inner man will receive strength and get right guidance to live a fulfilled life.
Without constant prayer the outer man will not strengthen and will become dissatisfied or frustrated.
Prayer life is the right food for inner manís strength which guides the outer man. Romans 8:26 says
the Holy Spirit helps us our daily problems when we pray. All the time the inner man must be filled with
Godís presence. The problem is many servants of God never think about prayer life and they give more
preference for the outer man (self satisfaction). The outer man likes self satisfaction, self desires, self
pity, self exaltation, self glory and other things pertaining to earthly desires.. Many called out servants of
God build their ministry on their own desires because of they do not understand the Holy Spiritís
purpose in prayer.

A prayer life will locked up with the Holy Spiritís help. A prayer life will release from every bondage and
will give boldness to stand for the Godís purpose in your life.
Without prayer a man can preach with his mind and knowledge but the Holy Spirit is not an active
participant. Eventually his preaching looses its effectiveness because it is not God directed. The
Apostle Paul wanted to go into Asia to preach the gospel. But it was through the leading of the Holy
Spirit that God forbade him. We are preaching, but is our preaching effective. It is only effective if we
follow the lead of God through prayer and meditation. God cannot use a man who will not pray in the
strong revival that is about to shake the earth.

Prayer life destroys imaginations, self-love, self knowledge and our own methods. Prayer life allows
us to function under Godís plans for our lives.
Without prayer we will not understand the move of Godís hand (1Kings 18:44).
Prayer will lead us everyday confession before God and clean the heart and prepare us to see God (Mt.
5:8). God can never be wrong in what He does and only seeking Him in prayer are we able to
understand His direction.

Few practical prayer considerations

Abraham used a wonderful method in his prayer for city of Sodom. (Ge. 18: 21 Ė 33)
God revealed His purpose for Sodom and immediately Abraham takes that purpose to speak to God
for Sodom because Lot was there. In the word of God Godís purpose is there. Abraham approached
God closely through the purpose of God. The purpose of God is the key to plead for the wicked City.
After long discussion between God and Abraham, God sent His men to Sodom to save Lot and his
Finally Abraham saved his cousin and God considered Abrahamís prayer.

In Numbers 16th Chapter 44 to 50 says, Moses and Aaron prayed for rebellious people of God. Moses
ordered Aaron to go and stand between living and dead (Num. 16: 48). Why Moses did not go stand
between living and dead and why he order to Aaron? It was through prayer that the right person was

The exercise of the Prayer life.

The nature of religious prayer is different from exercises in Spiritual prayer life. It is not prayer by
memory that touches God, but prayer from the heart expressing your daily experiences to a God who
knows and will respond when you commune with Him.

To know the vision of the God through prayer life.

The vision of the Lord is created by the Lordís thoughts.

The man cannot measure the Lordís vision because it is higher than manís imaginations and
thoughts (Is. 55:8).

The foundation of the vision of God is the Word of God, which is the reason we can see the fruit of the
spirit in vision. Through that vision only Godís manifestation will come upon the ministry.

We can find His power and work in the vision. God does not do anything without His children, he works
with His children. After the resurrection of Christ Jesus our Lord, the works have been carried out
through His disciples and His obedient children. If we follow His thoughts we can see the fulfilment of
His plans in our lives because the Son did nothing of Himself but only He did what He saw the Father
doing (John 5: 19).

Now a days God has chosen you to be His vessel.

Prayer life will give fellowship with the Lord and the fellowship will give the close relation with the Lord
and the relationship will give love and the love will give the dedication and the dedication will give life
for one another.

A prayerful person became a vessel of God and through him God will manifest His power and
accomplishes His work. If a believer exercising his prayer life Godís power and work will be
expressed. If the child of God failed to exercise his prayer life, God will be limited.

Prayer life operates the things.

Before explain this chapter I want to tell you a small story.
One day the whole family travelling other side of the river by boat. When the Father was driving the boat
his five years old son came and asked Father, Father I will drive the boat and he took the steering of
the boat and started driving. But the boat is not going smoothly. So he asked his Father, Father why our
boat is not going smoothly and why am I not driving perfectly? Then father said to him, my son your
strength is limited, you need physical growth in your body only then can you drive the boat like your
This is the meaning of life without Prayer. We cannot do anything for God.
If you want to fulfil your vision you need prayer life.
Your Prayer life will lead you into the discipline of the Holy Spirit.
Your prayer life will open the way to God in your business or ministry.
Many believers and Men of God put their mind in other things not in Prayer.
One day Jesus went upon a mountain side and called to Him those He wanted, and they came to Him
and He selected twelve of them to be His regular companions to go out to preach and cast out
demons (Mark 3:13,14).

There is a law in Godís calling, those who are called out by Jesus they must be with Him first then they
may go reach and cast out demons.

But these days very sad thing is those who are called by God, completely forget the law of their calling
-- they must be with Him. The exercising of the Prayer life will help to fulfil the law of the calling of the
Lord and remaining in His prescence.
Many men of God got the calling in their life but we cannot see the law of the calling of the Lord, which
is the reason we are not seeing fruit of the calling in their lives.
God believed and called them for the Kingdom of the Godís work on this earth. If a person wants to
fulfil the Godís expectations in his life, he needs prayer life and prayer life only gives strength to fulfil
Godís expectations in his life.

Many believers or Men of God having many opinions and their own principles and they will apply their
principles and opinions in the vision of God what they had from God. They are depending upon their
principles and Opinions for fulfilling the vision of God. That is the reason we are not seeing the right
fruit in right season because our principles and opinions and righteousness deeds are filthy rags (Is.
64: 6).

They are many principles and opinions in the calling of God, if you want to reach those things, only way
to be with Him that means exercising the Prayer life.
The prayer life will break all the hindrances in the Ministry and in the family.
The presence of God will give the preference of God and the preference of God will give a perfect work
and the perfect work will give the pleasant of God and the finally pleasant of God will give peace of
God. What a wonderful things are in prayer life. If you want all these things, this is the right time to
kneel down and start your prayer life and your prayer life will take you to the destiny of your vision.

Many preachers are preaching with anointing but we are not seeing practical life what they are
preaching. Some people are having burden for soul winning but we are not seeing many souls
released from the fire of the hell. Why? Because they doesnít have Prayer life. Only prayer life will
release the practical preaching life and release the burden for souls. Through the Grace of God we
may receive lot of experiences and blessings and prosperity but only through the prayer life we will
manifest the power of God among the Nations.

Prayer life will work like a vacuum cleaner in all our heart and mind and body.
These days we are seeing many denominations. But in a prayerful life it God that will dominate and not
the denomination.

The Prayer life will lead us to the Cross

We are not qualified people for Godís work simply because we were born in Christian family or by
knowing Moses law or regular church attendance or good principles. But through confessing sins we
will be led by the Holy Spirit to Salvation and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. We are able then to pray
with the Spirit.

Our vision of Golgothaís Cross becomes ever clearer as we contemplate the wonders of Godís
mysteries through prayer.

The Cross will help us to deny our self and lead us after Jesus. That is the reason Jesus said ďIf any
man come after me let him deny himself, and take up his cross and fallow me (Mt. 16:24).
The Cross gives our Salvation through the power of God to live a conquerorís life (1 Cor. 1:18).
The Cross will give Joy and Peace in sufferings and persecutions (Gal.6:12).
The Cross will give reconciliation with God and build the bridge between you and Father (Eph.2:16)
The Cross will lead us to humbleness and obedience unto death (Php. 2:8).
The Cross is not a doctrine or a statue or a Christian symbol but is the foundation of what we believe
in the completed work of Christ Jesus our Lord. Without a skeleton the body cannot stand. The same
way, without Cross no Jesus. Before Jesus died on the Cross He exercised His prayer life all the time
and in every situation. Without prayer life we cannot reach the Cross. Without the Cross there is no
entrance into Heaven.

For everything you need a Prayer life.

The separation from the world through Prayer life.

God separated the Light from the Darkness (Ge. 1:3)

Abrahamís Prayer life separated him from his Fatherís house and led him to the Godís guidance (Ge.

Isaac received right partner (wife) in his life through his prayer life (Ge. 24: 63 Ė 67).

Jacob became a Israel through his Prayer life (Ge. 32: 24 Ė 28).

Josephís prayer life in charged him all the land of Egypt (Ge. 41:41)

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