Happy Hanukkah


1 Cor 6


  • Night is a natural thing to help us understand the Spiritual
  • If light of Jesus not in you you are in darkness
  • Grace… don’t sin that grace abound more
  • 1 Cor 6 believer judges the world… keep righteousness within to judge
  • A believer should not sin because of the light in you
  • Don’t be cool… be a light… not what man says but the truth of God’s word
  • Don’t let somebody tell you who you are… you know who you are because of the light / Jesus inside
  • In UK cannot be foster parent if against homosexuality and transgender an example of darkness around us
  • You are what you eat.. watching TV can erode your light in Christ
  • Stop, leave alone drugs and alcohol and find who you are in God
  • “As such were some of you”
  • The truth of God word makes you free
  • V17 join to the Lord
  • Don’t be bamboozled and not discuss sex, sexuality, and sexual issues
  • The light of God in you makes you different from others
  • The godly may suffer persecution and challenges
  • Rededication

  • Hannukah is rededication because you had been defiled and ask God yo come in to your mind heart
  • Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
  • If your have the light help someone else
  • Done believe the lies of the world

Bring Me Your Brokeness

Genesis 32:24 – 32

  1. Jacob of Genesis 32 not the same as Jacob the supplanter
  2. Esau wanted to kill Jacob for stealing his birthright
  3. You will reap what you sow
  4. Children be good to your parents
  5. Jacob, still playing tricks, used stick to have calves born with stripes
  6. Jacob knew Esau was coming for him so he sent some gifts
  7. Jacob felt he deserved whatever Esaua intended and wanted to lessen the payback by sending Esau gifts
  8. You have to break the glo stick before it will work
  9. Brokeness reveals your purpose
  10. Take your broken pieces to God and watch God do something in your life
  11. You are not the only one going thru.. people are broken all around us
  12. Brokeness can be used
  13. Matthew 18:8 better to enter heaven halt or lame than go to hell
  14. Leviticus 22:24 no blind broken or lame sacrifice
  15. Ps 51:17 God looks for a broken spirit and contrite heart
  16. Luke 4:18 Jesus anointed by the Spirit to preach to the poor heal the blind
  17. You can find peace in God bring Him your broken pieces
  18. Jacob wrestled with the messenger of God all night long. Can’t forget the prior hurts and pains … bring it to God
  19. Do not come to church and try to hide your brokeness don’t let it eat away at you give it to God
  20. Be transparent before God… God wants to take your hurt and pain away
  21. Drugs and alcohol cannot anesthetize your pain away
  22. After you’ve wrestled you can say your name, and God can give a new name, and power, and a limp

The Assembly at Durham Christian Center